Our Services


Independently owned and operated, we  perform all levels of building and remodeling. We offer start-to-finish  solutions for every project. We also offer full design services. We  specialize in interior or exterior home renovations. 

We  guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project, and can  work with you to strike the right balance between materials selections  and budgetary requirements.

Decking    Gutters    Siding    Basement Additions    Custom Cable Rail

                            Doors    Roofing    Stone    Additions

Custom Siding & Roofing

We  offer more materials and options than most of our competitors,  including many eco-friendly products. We even offer many options with  cedar and trim.

Storm Damage Restoration

TS  Exterior Solutions is very experienced with storm damage repair. From  emergency tarping & repairs, to complete reconstruction of your home  or business, we will work with you insurance company to get your home  restored properly and your life back to normal.  


We  love remodeling projects at TS Exterior Solutions. Our vast knowledge  and year of experience will be devoted to your project from before we  start until the final cleanup and inspection is done. 

Our  remodeling consultants will work with you to assure that your project  has as much class and ingenuity as we'd put into our own homes.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

With  a tough economy and the government offering a tax break, now is the  perfecting time to upgrade your home's energy efficiency.  Whether  it to be new windows and doors, better insulation, a metal roof, or a  combination of things, we will make sure that your home is sealed tight and keeping the heat inside!


If you've got a leaky roof, broken window or siding is falling off, give us a call for a free repair estimate.

We  provide emergency services if needed. We'll also help you determine the  most cost effective method of handling complex repairs such as framing  and foundation problems.